Maxi-Pixel Box

Our open style booth is attractive and compact in design and is ideal for smaller, more confined spaces.
— Little Pixel Box

What is it?

An open style Photo Booth that can be placed with a backdrop to recreate the experience of a photo studio.  We use full DSLR cameras to ensure better colour reproduction, better dynamic range, sharper and more detailed images that produce quality prints.


How does it work?

To print your photo, simply: 
1. Pose for the camera.
2. Say “Cheese” and take a shot.
3. Print – go grab your print!!


What can it offer?

Its appeal lies in flexibility and can be customised through the range of choice in backdrops available. As with our Insta-PixelBox, we can fully customise your logo, the number of prints, your printing background, add on an optional photo collage component and offer many other features that can be personalised.



Want the Little Pixel Box experience?